Our expertise.

Being in the industry for over a decade places us as one of the top D.N.A Testing Laboratories in the East Coast. All testing are accredited by the American Association of Blood Bank (A.A.B.B.) which allows us to conduct testing for Homeland Security and U.S.C.I.S. (Immigration Service).
We are also contracted for legal issues such as child support and family court issues and by the New York Health Commissioner for D.N.A. screening. To protect our results from being challenged in court, testing conducted for legal issues must be sent with a Chain of Custody (C.O.C.), and mailed via U.P.S. with tracking number.

You can be confident you will receive the utmost care, consideration, and confidentiality. In order to protect your privacy, each case is assigned a password that only the client has access to. This password will be required in order to access your results.
Your information will be kept with confidentiality and we will guide you in creating the opportunity of collecting DNA samples without the knowledge of the party being tested (here is a partial list of items that could be provided in order to find DNA. Q –Tips, tooth brushes, hair, blood, used condom and so on….). Our DNA testing process is simple, fast and private. A technician will be assigned to your file from the beginning to the end of the process. He /she will be able to answer your question such as: “What test is the best for me, Legal or Peace of Mind? What sample can I collect without attracting my partner’s attention? Where do I store the samples once they are collected? If the father is available, can I test his parents.
Has the thought ever lingered in your mind that the child you’re holding in your arms is not yours? Trust has been the pillar of your relationship with your partner; however certain questions may stay unanswered.

With over 5000 locations nationwide, we are confident that we will have a location within a few miles from you where you could go and have your DNA samples collected. Appointment can be booked for the same day and you won’t be on site for more than a few minutes.

 We can specialize in Maternity, Paternity, Immigration, Grandparent and Sibling Testing.  We provide all testing in house to guarantee the best possible results.  Results available within 2/3 working days.
Results of our legal DNA tests are guaranteed to be admissible in any U.S. court of law due to the verified "chain of custody" and because the test is AABB accredited.  The chain of custody refers to the various chains of "hands" that the individual sample passes through. A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a third neutral party at a lab or hospital facility where all parties is photographed to verify their identity.  

DNA Lab Center is the most reliable source for DNA Tests, Paternity Testing, Maternity, Legal DNA, Immigration, and Diagnostics services. Our goal is to provide our clients the best and most accurate DNA testing. Using the most advanced technology in the industry, we are able to reach 99.9999 % accuracy on each test we perform. You will feel confident to rely on DNA Lab Center for your DNA testing needs.
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