Grandfather Age Test.
This test determines whether a couple could be the biological grandfathers of a child. 
It can be performed to determine genetic relationships in the event an alleged father is deceased or unavailable for testing. 
grandfather age test results may be used as proof in Social Security benefit and other inheritance claims as well as in some immigration cases. Samples are required Child and from both Paternal Grandparents (the biological parents of the alleged father).  This is essential in order to reconstruct the alleged father's DNA pattern.

It strongly encouraged that the Mother of the child also provide a sample.  This allows for half of the genetic material passed to the child to be accounted for.  The average turnaround time is six (6) business days from the receipt of all samples (with the mother's participation).  A probability of 99.9% or greater may be achieved, indicating an inclusion.  The testing shows a probability of grandfather age, however, and does not directly name the father of the child.  A probability of 0% will indicate an exclusion.