DNA Profiling

- DNA Profiling allows individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile.  This unique combination of markers found in DNA serves as a permanent genetic ID.  Individuals may choose to obtain DNA profiles for themselves and their children in case identification is ever needed.  A DNA profile may be used for the following:

1.Future paternity tests in case of claims on an individual's estate.

2.To provide a standard for comparison and identification of remains of people in high-risk situations, such as men and women in combat.

3. To help solve cases in which children run away or are abducted.

Clients receive a copy of their DNA profile for their records.  Furthermore, clients who order a DNA profile may also choose a complimentary DNA banking service, in which their DNA samples will be stored for fifteen (15) years in a secure, environmentally controlled facility. The test involved one (1) individual.  Turnaround time averages 3 business days from the time a sample is collected.