DNA Banking -

DNA Banking allows individuals to store a sample of their DNA in a secure facility.  This is an excellent way to identify and locate a person using their DNA sample.

Banked DNA may be used for future DNA tests in the following cases:
1.To protect against illegitimate claims on an individual's estate.

2.To provide a standard for comparison and identification of people in high-risk professions, such as men and women in the military, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and overseas contractors

3.To assist with the identification of children or missing persons or give clues about the trail of a missing loved one.

4. To identify inherited traits, such as genetic diseases and other physical characteristics.

Any DNA profile will remain consistent throughout the lifetime of the donor.  The only safe way to protect it is to have a DNA sample properly stored under ideal conditions.  This ensures that should an emergency occur, the DNA sample could assist law enforcement in locating the child.  Storing samples at home is not advisable, since humidity, moisture and high temperature could render the samples unusable. 

You can rest assured knowing your DNA sample will be stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility, which is protected from the elements and from theft or tampering.  With a properly sealed and stored sample, a DNA sample can last for an indefinite period of time.

In the after math of 9/11, we have experienced an increase of patients who requested their DNA to be store in a DNA bank. People, who had their DNA collected prior to this tragic date, were able to be identified by any DNA sample provided to us by family members or by the authorities.