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The Need for Animal DNA Testing.
In US, about 4 out of every 10 homes own nothing less than one dog, and slightly less than this statistics is also the case of cat ownership in United States. In essence, most people in the United States own dogs and cats. This close association existing between people and domestic animals has generated opportunity for investigation of crime scene, the reason for animal DNA testing.
There are professional teams of animal DNA scientists who are experienced in carrying out wide array of tests on animal DNA evidence. These experts use the strict chain-of-custody standard to test animals’ DNA, and every animal’s test is handled with the exact strictness applied to human tests. In essence, DNA testing is carried out twice on animal specimens in order to ensure complete accuracy of results and confidence.
Situations for Testing Animal DNA
There are typically 3 (three) common situations where the usefulness of animal DNA testing comes into play; they are:

Silent Witness Identification
In a situation where the suspect may have applied much care not to leave any biological traces behind, animal DNA evidence may be crucial. Biological samples from animals such as dog could be transferred from one place to another by a suspect – e.g. from residential home to where the crime was committed. Such animal’s sample could be urine or hair. These samples could be matched to connect a suspect to a case, with the aid of DNA testing.
Animal Owner Responsibility Promotion
This is another reason for animal DNA testing. The increase in the number of pet owners in the Unites States has also given rise to increase in animal related injuries, accidents as well as property damages. The reason for promoting animal owner responsibility is to reduce or prevent cases such as humans being attacked by animals, property damage caused by animals, and accidents resulting from loose or unleashed animals. DNA testing for animals can be used by local authorities as a tool to maintain a safe environment for humans as well as animals; as the DNA testing aids in the identification of animals associated with such accidents so that their owners are held responsible for the damages they caused.
Protection of Animals
DNA testing is used to protect animals from becoming victims. Animal abuse is not ignored as the entire 50 states of U.S have laws against abuse of animals. These laws are used to designate either misdemeanor or felony charges for those who perpetrated the crime. In addition, it is possible for animals to become victims of accidents or theft. With paternity DNA testing and DNA profiling, animal victims can be identified just the same manner human DNA testing is carried out. Hence, security and justice for domestic animal owners and those who have animals’ welfare in mind is established.
The above are the three common reasons, or situations that will necessitate animal DNA testing. You can find experts that offer exact quality testing service to those who want to obtain DNA tests for animals. It usually does not cost much to obtain the test.
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