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All of our DNA Lab Center used is accredited by Home Land Security and by Immigration and Naturalization Service/Department of Human Services supplier to perform DNA
The DNA Lab Center leads the DNA testing industry in its quality of service, which focuses on ensuring DNA test accuracy as well as a smooth experience for you.   We can get you the proof you need so you can have peace of mind.  We can provide Maternity, Paternity, Immigration, Grandparent and Sibling Testing/Verification.  We provide all testing in house to guarantee the best possible results.  Just bring in a sample or have the parent in question come in for a swabbing.  We take care of the rest. Turn around time is less than a week. Call Us Today to schedule your visit.

Results of our formal DNA tests are guaranteed to be admissible in any U.S. court of law due to the verified "chain of custody" and because the lab is AABB accredited.  The chain of custody refers to the various chain of "hands" that the individual sample passes through. A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a third neutral party at a lab or hospital facility where all parties are photographed to verify their identity.  We have testing options for every sort of situation and legal level. 
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